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F-1 Student Employment

The main purpose of the F-1 visa is to allow nonimmigrants to study in the United States. It is not a work visa. The types of employment allowed under the F-1 visa are limited by specific requirements. Before engaging in any type of work, F-1 students should verify they are eligible to work and have the proper authorization. Working without authorization is a serious violation of F-1 status.

The following information refers to immigration permissions and restrictions. Additional campus policies may apply. Please check with the UT Dallas Human Resources and the University Career Center for more information.

Special Rules Regarding Unpaid or "Volunteer" Work

  • F-1 students may not engage in unpaid or 'volunteer' internships or training opportunities, or engage in unpaid work without impacting their immigration status unless specific work authorization is granted by the ISSO via CPT, or other options.
  • The only true volunteer activities which may be permitted are civic or humanitarian in nature, generally in service of a non-profit organization.
  • Speak with an international student advisor if you need information to help you determine if you can lawfully engage in unpaid work.


Off-Campus Employment